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About us


About us

We work with Magento® since 2010 and we create extensions stable high quality of 2014. Every day we try to create exciting new features for your Magento® e-commerce. Look what we develop.

Look what we develop.

Might be useful to recover revenue from orders pending payment (Pending Payment PayPal), or to choose products for the producer (manufacturer Shop Advanced), or increase sales by highlighting the products most viewed (Most Viewed Products), or six association and you want to receive donations (Donation).

You could also have a new need and we could develop it for you. Your Magento® with our hosting is up to 5 times more powerful than a standard hosting plan


responsive design CORE

Because the core of Magento® run on a dedicated web, which manages the cache server side.

responsive design DATABASE

Because the database of your Magento® runs on a dedicated machine with engine Percona MySQL.

responsive design EMAIL

Because the email services are handled by the mail server and not affect the web server.Why scheduled tasks maintain your Magento® fit.

responsive design CRON

Because we constantly monitor your Magento® and our server and, if necessary, we increase the resources to ensure the highest safety and performance.

responsive design MONITOR

These are our hosting.

responsive design PROJECT

Need to develop a project from scratch? Contact us, we do not expect anything but we believe that Magenkit is the right team to entrust your Magento.